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Fall 2008 Portuguese for Spanish Majors: Conversation and Culture I
T-R 2:30- 3:55 Professor: Fátima R. Nogueira
Office: Dunn Hall 316 Phone: 678-3047
E-Mail: Office hours: T-R: 1:00- 2:25

Simões, Antonio R. M. Com Licença . University of Texas Press, Austin, 1992. ISBN 0-292-71142-5·
Supplemental readings (handouts)·
Novo Michaelis (Dictionary)·

DESCRIPTION:This course is an accelerated introduction to Portuguese for students with a command of Spanish. Specific emphasis will be placed on developing oral and written proficiency as well as providing the student with diverse opportunities for self –expression: conversational skills and written practice of the language in order to identify and avoid frequent grammatical errors and the interference of both Spanish and English. A range of cultural topics will be used to stimulate spontaneous communication.

COURSE OBJECTIVES· To improve fluency in Portuguese.· To focus on the use of specific vocabulary.· To read and understand articles, stories and poems without having to frequently consult a dictionary.· To develop a cultural knowledge of Brazil through readings and directed composition.
PREREQUISITES: Minimum of two 3000 level courses in Spanish or instructor permission.

THIS SYLLABUS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. This includes, but is not limited to, class schedule, number of exams, exam dates, percentages, etc. The instructor reserves the right to modify the syllabus if necessary. Changes will be announced in class. Students not attending when changes are announced are responsible for obtaining this information.

ATTENDANCE POLICY. Attendance is extremely important. This course requires active participation in the classroom. Therefore, students are expected to attend class regularly. The maximum number of absences (justified or unjustified) during the semester is three. If a student exceeds this number, there will be a reduction of his/her grade. In this class, for each absence beyond three, the grade of your final average will be reduced seven (7) points. For example, if your final average is 86 (B) and you have four absences, your final grade will be reduced to 79 (C+).

MATERIAL. The material to be covered during the semester will be announced in class. You need to prepare thoroughly each lesson assigned. Interaction between students and instructor and among students is extremely important to make progress in order to improve your command of Portuguese. Exams will reflect the material of the required textbooks and any other additional material presented in class.

PRESENTATION AND HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS:When homework or projects are assigned, the student must turn in his/her homework/project by the indicated deadline. Failing to do so will result in a reduction of the student final average, specifically one point off for each composition/ homework/ project assigned. Additionally, failing to turn in homework or other projects will affect the student’s participation. Turning in the homework /project late will not affect this policy. There is no exception to this requirement. . Missing a class will not be considered a justification to avoid compliance with the policy described under “Presentation and Homework Assignments.” Students will be asked to make oral presentations. A hard copy is required for all written assignments. E-mailing written assignments is not permitted and will not meet the requirement of turning in assignments by the specified deadline.
EVALUATIONThere will be two exams. The final exam will be comprehensive. All special projects and oral presentations are evaluated. These special projects include (but is not limited to): compositions, oral presentations, discussion of movies, additional readings, songs, newspaper articles, etc.

A+ 98-100
A 94-97
A- 90-93
B+ 87-89
B 84-86
B- 80-83
C+ 77-79
C 74-76
C- 70-73
D 60-69
F 59 and below

NO MAKEUPS WILL BE GIVEN (no exceptions).Final course grades will not be posted.

Midterm 30%
Final 30%
Participation 10%
Homework, quizzes, and projects 30%

Eating is not allowed. Turn off your cell phone. Getting phones calls during class is very disturbing. All students are expected to be on time to class. Leaving class early may count as an absence. Cheating and other academic misconduct described in the University of Memphis Student Handbook may constitute the basis for receiving a failing grade in this course. Nota bene: Daily attendance is expected; homework is due at the beginning of class; no homework can be handed in late. Homework is graded according to assignments handed in; writing assignments consist of weekly journal paragraphs on readings and/or personal experiences to be turned in every week. Specific homework assignments and handouts will be given out in class. Know your neighbor's phone number or call me at my office.

PORT 3301 Conversation and Culture I
This schedule is subject to change

26. Introdução ao curso
Tarefa: ler páginas 2-10 do livro texto.
28. Unidade 1
Tarefa - páginas: 19,26-28.

02- Unidade 1
Tarefa – páginas: 29-35.
04- Unidade 2
Tarefa – páginas 49-50; 54-58.

09- Unidade 2
Tarefa: páginas 58-66.
11- Unidade 2/3
Tarefa: Escrever sua auto-biografia em 3 parágrafos de 5 a 7 linhas.páginas 80-82; 86-91.

16- Unidade 3
Tarefa: páginas 92-95, 101-103.
Filme: The Man Who Copied
18- Mesa redonda
Tarefa:Composição - Descrever seu melhor amigo.

23- Unidade 4.
Tarefa: páginas 104-107; 111-116.
25- Unidade 4
Tarefa: páginas 117-118; 121-122, 130. Composição: Uma aula de linguas.Depois de ler o texto invente ou conte uma situação engraçada que aconteceu com você numa aula de idiomas.

30. Unidade 5
Tarefa: páginas 131-133; 136-145, 160-161.


02. Unidade 5
Tarefa: páginas 149-150.
Composição: Escolha um tema para escrever uma carta comercial ( pedido de informações ou agradecimento), veja o modelo e escreva uma carta para uma universidade brasileira.

07 MIDTERM exame oral
09 MIDTERM exame escrito

16-Unidade 6
Tarefa: 161-164;167-170.Filme: Behind the Sun.

21 -mesa redonda
23- Unidade 6
Tarefa: 171, 172;180-81.

28-Unidade 7
Tarefa: 181-186; 189-193.
30- Unidade 7Tarefa: 195-96;composição: Leia a orientação na página 195 e planeje uma viagem de férias ao Brasil

04- Unidade 8
Tarefa: 206-10.
06 Unidade 8
Tarefa: 210-14

11- Unidade 8
Tarea: 215-16; 218-21.
13- Unidade 8
Tarefa: filme The hour of the star.

18- Mesa redonda
Tarefa: composição: Ao modo da crônica de Fernando Sabino, crie um diálogo entre mãe e filha, usando uma situação cotidiana. Use ao menos cinco formas do imperativo informal.Páginas 234-35
20- Unidade 9
Tarefa: 243-47

27- Unidade 9


FINAL EXAM- Dec. 09: 2:30- 3:55